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Archive for March 8th, 2012

We may all have heard about it. After some initial reactions, what happened next? For some, probably nothing much; they just carry on with their daily routine without giving any further thoughts to it. For others, they may be have signed up to attend one of the many paid seminars to learn how they can benefit from it. I’m referring to “Budget 2012”. How will it impact your business? What can you take advantage of?

Come for the free overview of the key corporate tax changes announced in Budget 2012. The knowledge will place them in an advantageous position to achieve effective tax savings. Every dollar saved is a dollar more that can be ploughed back into the business.

The following groups can certainly benefit from this presentation:
-    Companies interested in reducing their tax expense legally
-    Businesses (sole-proprietors, partnerships) who wants to gain a better understanding as to whether ‘corporatizing their businesses’ in the light of the tax regime makes sense
-    Suppliers and service providers who wish to be better armed with some tax knowledge to help their clients turn their expenses into tax savings